Scott has published over 70 evaluation reports across a number of fields including international development, health, education, indigenous affairs, the environment, infrastructure, capacity building, and governance.
Evaluation involves collecting and analyzing information. Collection methods range from document analysis, interviews, focus groups, surveys and benchmarking costs of service delivery.
I really enjoyed working with you and valued the intellectual rigor that you brought to assessing the performance in the aid context. Senior Executive, Canberra
I greatly appreciated your crystal clear logic, great sense of humour and amazing ability to deliver difficult messages in a friendly and respectful way. Gender programming specialist in the Pacific region
As you outlined in your report this is a very complex program with a number of national and international stakeholders. We don’t think there are many evaluators in Australia who could have gotten to the bottom of the program like you and your team did. Manager of an international development program
This is the best training M&E training course that I have ever attended. DFAT Program Manager.
Having you work with our organisation felt like winning the world cup. An experienced M&E person who understood our business and could lead complex work streams. UK Evaluation Manager
This report on public sector performance indicators is essential reading for Commonwealth public servants. Former Commonwealth Auditor General
Scott, this is a well-deserved recognition of your sustained contribution to the discipline of evaluation, I can’t think of anyone more deserving. On being awarded a Fellowship of the Australian Evaluation Society by the Chairperson
We had always known that our program’s M&E was a problem but only because of your persistence and continuous assistance were we able to make such good progress. Program Manager, Indonesia
85% of participants rated your training workshop as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ Indonesian Auditor General’s Office
Excellent work, evaluation team! Such clear and well-articulated findings Commonwealth evaluation client
Scott, you’ve got such a great way of communicating in a clear, concise, and non-threatening way Program manager responding to evaluation findings.
I was impressed by your workshop presentation at the evaluation conference. It’s your clear simple presentation coupled with major insights. Workshop participant
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