Scott Bayley

Scott Bayley manages his own evaluation consultancy business and is the former Principal Consultant for Monitoring Evaluation and Learning at Oxford Policy Management (OPM) for the Asia Pacific region.

My interests

  • formulating results measurement frameworks
  • evaluation capacity building
  • impact evaluation methods
  • reflection and learning events
  • meta-evaluation
  • using performance feedback to drive continuous improvement while strengthening stakeholder relationships.
  • Studying a program, practice, or initiative to understand how well it achieves its goals.
  • An interview is one way of collecting data.
  • Scott has published over 70 evaluation reports.
  • Reports were written about sustainable development to improve effectiveness, and inform programming decisions.
  • Reports were published across a number of fields including international development, health, education, infrastructure, capacity building, and governance.
  • Good evaluation will make an assessment of how well the activities have been implemented and whether these activities made a difference.
  • Evaluation is a systematic determination of a subject's merit, worth and significance.
  • An interview is one way of collecting data.
  • Other data collection methodologies include surveys.
  • Sometimes the data gathering method can be quite informal.
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